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Thirty Minutes with Kim | Corporate Headshots in Seoul Korea

Seoul Business Portrait Photographer

Yeouido South Korea: It’s rare I return home satisfied with my photos. They say that’s a good thing for artists, it’s what drives us to constantly improve. Today was a slightly different story. After my 30 minute business portrait session with Kim I knew, for the most part, I NAILED it.

Kim reached out to me by email looking to update his Linkedin profile photo ASAP. I explained my packages and pricing and less than three hours later we were booked! The plan was to travel to his office on Yeoido Island and spend 30 minutes of his lunch time making portraits.

I always ask my clients to share a current photo, explain why they aren’t happy with it and what sort of emotion/story they want their new portrait to convey. In Kim’s case, he wasn’t at all satisfied with the bland passport style photos his company had provided free of charge. He wanted something more natural, engaging and dynamic. He wanted his business portrait to look “smart, but not too serious”. Kim shared links to two Linkedin accounts with profile photos he liked.

My photo sessions typically start at two hours and I almost always end up going overtime. Kim was on a tight schedule and I needed to respect that. I spent an hour planning what poses we would try and visualized how I’d light the scene. From 12:00 to 12:30 I scouted the location for some good backdrops and had my wonderful assistantĀ Erica VanHoosen stand in. At 12:40 we met Kim in the lobby and got cracking.

It was a good thing I scouted around his building because the meeting room Kim had reserved for our session was anything by dynamic. It featured the usual table, white walls and projector screen along with terrible florescent overhead lighting. The lounge was a little better so we grabbed a shot there, one in the hall, then headed out into the steam room also knows as Korea in July.

I had hoped we could shoot in air conditioned zones only but there was no choice, if we wanted the good stuff, we had to go outside. The shade offered us near perfect lighting and all the glass, reflections and layers gave us that modern, business-y feeling we were after. I coached Kim into some causal poses and had Erica reflect extra light onto his face to open up the shadows and create nice bright catch lights in his eyes. Once the formal stuff was out of the way we played around for the last 10 minutes.

Kim was awesome to work with. Having just arrived in Korea three weeks ago and being the “new guy” at his firm, he was a little nervous posing while his colleges wandered about on their lunch breaks. For this reason I tried to choose spots that were slightly out of view and always asked him if he felt comfortable in the locations and pose.

So why am I so satisfied with THIS session? I think it boils down to being very well prepared, having set out with a very clear vision of what I wanted to capture and actually capturing it. We kept the session short and simple. We got the important stuff done first and then played at the end. I also had a fast turnaround, within 24 hours the proofs were up in a private gallery for Kim to select. These I believe are some of the ingredients for a successful shot.

Do you need a new profile photo? Got 30 minutes? I’ll come to you, we will get a variety of looks and you’ll still have ample time for lunch! To setup a headshot use the “Contact” link above and let me know where you need me along with three dates and times that could work for you.

Seoul Business Portrait PhotographerSeoul Business Portrait PhotographerSeoul Business Portrait PhotographerSeoul Business Portrait PhotographerSeoul Business Portrait PhotographerSeoul Business Portrait PhotographerSeoul Business Portrait Photographer


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